learning about threads and processes

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 17:11:40 EST 2004

Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:

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> Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote:
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> >Hmmm - have you looked at Deitel, Deitel, Liperi, Wiedermann, "Python
> >how to program", chapters 18 (Process Management) and 19
> >(Multithreading), pages 613-687?  They seem to do a rather workmanlike
> >job -- of course, they can't do full justice to the subjects in 75
> >pages; and if you don't want to buy a vast, costly 1300-pages tome for
> >the sake of those 75 pages, I can't really blame you, either.  
> Except that it's a really, really piss-poor book.  That's an opinion
> which I believe you've agreed with previously.

Overall, yes, it's not a book I'd heartily recommend.  But, is anything
wrong, specifically, with chapters 18 and 19?  They seem OK to me.


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