mod_python and xml.sax

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 20 21:17:20 CET 2004

Jeffrey Froman wrote:

>I am having difficulty getting mod_python and xml.sax to play nicely with
> each other. I am using:
> Python 2.4
> Mod_python 2.7.10
> Apache 1.3.33
> Using the mod_python.publisher handler to invoke the go function in the
> following script:
> from xml.sax import make_parser
> def go():
>    x = make_parser()
>    return 'OK'
> This is the entire script. The import works fine, but creating the parser
> fails, producing no traceback, and no Apache errors, but apparently
> crashing mod_python.

iirc, both apache and python uses the expat parser; if you don't make sure
that both use the same expat version, you may get into trouble.  this poster
claims to have a fix:


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