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Alfred Canoy alred at
Sun Dec 5 01:20:37 CET 2004

Dear Sir/Madam,
Hello! I'm just new to programming and would like to ask for help..

Can you please give me clue how I should start solving the following problem below? 

Write a program that allows you to do the following five operations:

      a.. Prompt the user to input a list of numbers (Hint: be sure to have a way for the user to indicate that they are done finished providing the list of numbers)
      b.. Open a file that contains a list of numbers
      c.. Compute the average, statistical median, and mode of the list of numbers
      d.. Store your answers in another file
      e.. Asks the user whether they want to see the answers and if the answer is yes, opens the file and displays the numbers
Greatly appreciates it!
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Alfred Canoy
Agana, Guam
Pacific time
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