Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

RM ny_r_marquez at
Mon Dec 20 16:49:34 CET 2004

Bulba! wrote:

> Hmm.. and if  I may ask, what limitations you have stumbled on?

In reality, PythonCard is just an easier way of manipulating wxPython.
The thing is that PythonCard needs to have a wraper for each wxPython
widget that it uses, and, then that wrapper needs to be incorporated
into the PythonCard designer (Resourse Editor).  At the moment, I don't
think all wxPython widgets are implemented yet.  The good thing is
that, for cases like that, you can simply use regular wxPython code to
reach the desired widget.

What I would recommend, as others have, is to download it and try it,
along with the other options you are considering.  There are some very
nice introductions you can quickly go through to get a feel for what
you can do in PythonCard here:


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