Peter Hansen [Re: newbie question]

Doug Holton insert at
Wed Dec 22 16:46:36 CET 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
>> As far as I could see, everythime the word "boo" is typed, some sort of
>> censorship or plain bashing comes up, and I think this is not fair.
> I think doing this by defending Doug's postings, however, might weaken
> the strength of your position just a little. (Okay, I mean "a lot".)

Flame away, Peter.

> As a result of all the activity in the "Boo who?" thread, however,

that you started

> I went and searched a bit to find out who this Doug character is.
> It turns out that he's been mentioning Boo in postings *to newbies*
> repeatedly over the last few months.  These are people trying
> to use Python, having a question or difficulty about it, and he
> launches into a sales job about some other language.

Actually, it was only in the context of someone asking about a feature 
python does not have (such as enums, or static typing declarationg, or 
anonymous methods) and will likely not have for some time.  I I have no 
financial connection to boo or python.  If you want to call me an 
evangelist for boo, then you must also call me an evangelist for python, 
as well as pretty much everyone here.  In fact though, you only mean the 
term "evangelist" as yet another disprectful flame.

If only I had taken the time to research your background before choosing 
to take your posts seriously.  Since you have spent such great effort in 
misrepresenting my views and spreading your vitriol, here is some 
background on you:
The very first hit for Peter Hansen:
even recently:
and of course the flame thread he started:

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