PyJuggler 1.0 Beta 1 available

Nicola Larosa nico at
Tue Dec 28 12:45:49 EST 2004

> Following up on the release of VR Juggler 2.0 Beta 1, I am pleased to
> announce the release of PyJuggler 1.0 Beta 1.
> ...
> What is PyJuggler?
> ------------------
> PyJuggler is an extension to VR Juggler I started in my spare time one
> weekend in November 2002.
> ...
> Using PyJuggler, it is possible to write a VR Juggler application object
> in Python and load the object into the VR Juggler kernel, which of
> course is written in C++.
> ...

Thanks. Just missing what VR Juggler is. From :

"VR Juggler provides virtual reality (VR) software developers with a suite
of application programming interfaces (APIs) that abstract, and hence
simplify, all interface aspects of their program including the display
surfaces, object tracking, selection and navigation, graphics rendering
engines, and graphical user interfaces. An application written with VR
Juggler is essentially independent of device, computer platform, and VR
system. VR Juggler may be run with any combination of immersive
technologies and computational hardware."

Ah, I see now. Thanks again. ;-)

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