expression form of one-to-many dict?

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Sat Dec 18 12:00:59 CET 2004

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Steven Bethard wrote:
>>>The map form, in this case, parses instantly in my brain, while the listcomp
>>>certainly takes a few cycles.  And note that I'm not talking about the typing
>>>conciseness, but about the effort for my brain.  But maybe I'm just wired
>>>funny :)
>>Well, different at least.  I find the map one harder to parse mentally.
> if you have trouble parsing a function call, I'm glad I don't have to maintain
> your Python programs...

I don't know what I said to upset you so, but I do apologize.

If you could tell me what it was about my statement (that I find a list 
comprehension to be a clearer description of program flow than a map 
application[1]) that so insulted you, I would be glad to avoid such 
comments in the future, if it would avoid such vicious replies from you.


[1] In my mind, the program flow is spelled out explicitly in the list 
comprehension and only implicitly in the map application.  Thus the list 
comprehension is clearer to me.

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