Easy "here documents" ??

Jim Hill jimhill at swcp.com
Wed Dec 22 20:38:09 CET 2004

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>Jim Hill wrote:
>> I'm trying to write a script that writes a script for a rather specialized
>> task.  I know that seems weird, but the original version was written in
>> Korn shell and most of my team are familiar with the way it does things
>> even though they don't read Korn.
>so why didn't you tell us? ;-)

I was afraid there'd be mockery involved and not originating on my end.

Jim, delicately sensitive to mockery despite burly masculinity
"I regard NASCAR the same way I regard gay porn: I know it exists and I
know some guys like it; I just don't want to see it."  --  Z. B. Goode

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