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Gary Richardson garyr at fidalgo.net
Sun Dec 19 10:54:21 EST 2004

"Sean McIlroy" <sean_mcilroy at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> There's something quite simple I'd like to do, but I'm hampered by
> lack of knowledge regarding Tkinter. If someone could help me out with
> a snippet of maximally-simple code showing, in general terms, how to
> do this, that would be really great. What I want to do is simply to
> move a shape around on the screen using the mouse. I've looked at
> Tkdnd.py but I can't seem to extract what I need from the more
> involved stuff in there.
> Peace,

Use Canvas.move(). Here is some code from a program of mine that may give
you an idea of how to go about this. In my case each component consisted of
several pieces, each having a unique tag. If they had had the same tag only
one move command would have been needed. self.xLast and self.yLast need to
be initialized to the current cursor position before the move starts.

    def onMouseMotion(self, event):
        x, y = event.x, event.y
        dx = x - self.xLast
        dy = y - self.yLast
        for c in self.selectedComponents:
            for k in range(c.count):
                self.canvas.move(c.tags[k], dx, dy) # Move each piece of the
        self.xLast, self.yLast = x, y

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