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Fri Dec 10 19:55:12 CET 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> kael wrote
>>Dave Kuhlman wrote:
>>>3. It's looking for a section named "NewsPipe" in your
>>>   options/config file.  Check your config file.  Is that
>>>   section name misspelled?  Is the section missing?  Does
>>>   the NewsPipe documentation tell you where the config file
>>>   should be and what it's name is?  If not, look in
>>According to the Newspipe documentation 
>>, only the 'smtp_server' 
>>and 'opml' lines are absolutely needed in
>>Please, see below:
> You are misreading something.  On the page you referenced above,
> it clearly states in "Installation" that the file in question
> is named "newspipe.ini", not "".  You are confusing
> the two, since what you show above is not "" or,
> if it is, somebody has messed up...

Sorry. The lines above are from *newspipe.ini* not Thanks 
for pointing the confusion.

> should contain Python code, newspipe.ini should
> contain configuration info like you show above.
> If you *have* a newspipe.ini file that contains the above,
> but are still getting the error message you reported earlier,
> then the program is not *finding* your newspipe.ini file and
> you should probably contact the author(s) for assistance,
> since this is not a Python issue.

I'm going to contact him. Thank you very much for your reply.



@829 .beats, 2004-12-10

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