Cool object trick

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Mon Dec 13 05:25:27 CET 2004

dataangel wrote:
> Normally I'd just use class Obj(object): pass, but the advantage to this 
> method is you can create an Obj like this:
> Obj(id="desktop", last=0, color=self.getColor(DESKTOP_COLOR))
> You can pass all the attributes you want the object to have this way. 
> Nifty :)

Yup, that's basically what I was proposing in the pre-PEP:

I've let it slide for a bit here, but my intent is to make a patch that 
puts something like the pre-PEP class into the collections module and 
then send in the PEP.  I've been kinda busy recently, and it's not quite 
trivial since Bunch is in Python and currently the collections module is 
in C, but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have the time.


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