Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

McBooCzech petr at
Sun Dec 26 03:45:56 CET 2004

Sorry to bother, but I didn't find the final answer to the question
what is the "Best GUI for small-scale accounting app"?

I am the newbie in Python, so I am trying to find some "usable" GUI as
well. But it looks to me there is a lot developers, beta-versions,
tools etc. I have spent a lot of time trying to find which is the
"best" one tool. But now it looks more confusing to me than at the

I do not have time to try/test all of them, it is so time-consuming
and confusing specially for total beginner.

IMHO this is the worst think for the Python community: you can find
one Python only with an excellent support. Great!!!! But on the other
hand it is possible to find plenty of GUI tools and for the beginner
(and may be not just for the beginner) it is so hard to choose the
"proper" one!!!!! The field of GUI tools is so fragmented!!!! that I
am close to give it up and start with some commercial product like

BTW you did not discussed Boa, Wingware and BlackAdde (last two are
commercial) here? Are they bad?


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