calling functions across threads

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Wed Dec 29 20:31:43 CET 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Steven Bethard wrote:
>>I get the correct output, but if you run this yourself, you'll see that
>>the numbers 1 through 10 aren't printed in sync with the writes (i.e.
>>every half second); they're all printed at the end.  Could someone
>>explain to me why this happens, and how (if possible) I can get the
>>numbers printed in sync with the appends to the list?
> This is just a shot in the dark, as I'm quite ignorant of threading details. 
> But what happens if you try adding a sys.stdout.flush() call after the print
> statement in your custom update() method?  It may just be a flushing problem
> what makes the output appear out of sync...

Strangely enough, that causes PythonWin to hang...  Why that would be 
true, I have no idea...


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