standard IDE in python 3000 (or beyond)? *semi-newbie*

mike kreiner mike.kreiner at
Thu Dec 30 08:22:29 CET 2004

Are there any plans for developing a standard IDE for python that's
included with the python installation? I found information about other
IDE's elsewhere online, but couldn't even find any mention of this

I'm still relatively new to Python--I switched over from VB--and I
found it difficult to learn python without an IDE. Most experienced
programmers I know started out using Emacs or another text editor, and
are very happy with that; however, I found it difficult to put all the
pieces (like GUI, etc.) together myself. i tried many of the free IDEs,
but was dissatisfied (VS is tough to beat in my opinion, much better
than the average m$ application *plz don't flame*). although it'd be a
difficult undertaking, i think an IDE would be a tremendous boost for
python in terms of gaining support in education and the business
community. has anyone else discussed this? does anyone know the BDFL's
stance? thanks.


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