Python + Newspipe

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Dec 10 19:37:41 CET 2004

kael wrote:
> Dave Kuhlman wrote:
>> 3. It's looking for a section named "NewsPipe" in your
>>    options/config file.  Check your config file.  Is that
>>    section name misspelled?  Is the section missing?  Does
>>    the NewsPipe documentation tell you where the config file
>>    should be and what it's name is?  If not, look in
> According to the Newspipe documentation 
>, only the 'smtp_server' 
> and 'opml' lines are absolutely needed in
> Please, see below:
> ----------------------------------
> [NewsPipe]
> log_console=1
> opml=test.opml
> sleep_time=30
> check_online=
> ----------------------------------

You are misreading something.  On the page you referenced above,
it clearly states in "Installation" that the file in question
is named "newspipe.ini", not "".  You are confusing
the two, since what you show above is not "" or,
if it is, somebody has messed up... should contain Python code, newspipe.ini should
contain configuration info like you show above.

If you *have* a newspipe.ini file that contains the above,
but are still getting the error message you reported earlier,
then the program is not *finding* your newspipe.ini file and
you should probably contact the author(s) for assistance,
since this is not a Python issue.


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