What is on-topic for the python list [was "Re: BASIC vs Python"]

Hans Nowak hans at zephyrfalcon.org
Tue Dec 21 19:52:38 CET 2004

Doug Holton wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
>> 'Scuse me? This group has a long history of off-topic posting, and 
>> anyway who decided that CPython should be the exclusive focus? Even 
>> on-topic we can talk about Jython and PyPy as well as CPython.
> I agree with your point, although Hans Nowak and others may not. 
> Anything related to python or from the perspective of a current or 
> potential python user is on-topic for this list.  We can talk about 
> logo, jython, java or other topics whenever and whereever we want.  If 
> you can't accept free speech and different perspectives, you're going to 
> be disappointed.  But please do not react by trying to intimidate and 
> troll others here.

Now you're trying to make it seem like I am against free speech on this 
list, and against people's rights to discuss whatever they want.  I 
never said that, and I in fact enjoy the fact that c.l.py posters are an 
eclectic bunch who have knowledge of, and like to talk about, a great 
number of topics.

Boo is not related to Python.  Aside from a superficial resemblence, 
it's not like Python at all.  In spite of that, you would have been 
welcome to post about it (and still are), if it wasn't for your earlier 
behavior... claiming to a newbie that Boo is "virtually identical to 
then calling people who question that claim "trolls", and pretending 
that you said "Boo's syntax is virtually identical" all along.  That is 
what got you into hot water with a few posters here (and more and more 
as you keep calling people names and putting words in their mouths). 
This is also what inspired my "this is comp.lang.python, not 
comp.lang.boo" remark.  People didn't take offense at the fact that you 
discussed Boo here, but at how you did it.

Funny; *you* are the one who keeps spreading misinformation, first of a 
technical nature, then about people.  Yet you have the nerve to call 
other people trolls?

Hans Nowak

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