sources for DOS-16bit

McBooCzech petr at
Fri Dec 10 21:48:23 CET 2004

Hi all,

before I decided to bother you by e-mail, I spent days (not kidding)
searching on the Internet. I am looking for Python binaries for
Not for Win-16bit or DOS-32 which are the only DOS availabele sources
on Python official site and on the other sites as well!!!
I will prefere sources for Borland C 3.x.

I was trying to use Python 1.0.1 (16python.exe file) for my
but I realized it doesn't work on NEC V25 CPU (8086/8088 compatible
CPU developed by NEC).

I was involved in to our school computer "research" :) and we need
this piece of code to reach our goal.

We have to demonstrate the power of the free software (mainly its
compatiblity for different platforms)!!!

Can you please search your archives or route me somewhere?

I will really appreciate your answer and help
Petr Jakes
Gymnasium student
Czech republic

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