[Python-Dev] PEP: __source__ proposal

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Sat Dec 4 18:10:55 CET 2004

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> Stelios Xanthakis wrote:
>> It appears that there are the 'module people' who
>> find this feature irrelevant. Indeed. If we are interested
>> in distributing modules and increasing the number of
>> people who use python programs,then  __source__ is redundant.
>> OTOH, programming python is easy and fun and I think
>> the proposed feature will make it even more fun and it
>> aims in increasing the number of people who program
>> python for their every day tasks. It'd be interesting to
>> hear if the developers of IDLE/ipython/etc could use this.

I don't see enough here to make a very intelligent comment,
so I'll risk it and make what might be a rather uninformed

Are you trying to create a Smalltalkish environment where
you can simply edit anything on the fly, and then it's
immediately effective? While I don't know Smalltalk,
the ones I do know indicate that they liked that environment
very much.

However, this might have real problems with the dangling
references issue. Or maybe not: there may be ways of
redesigning the function object so that you can replace
the embedded code object on the fly.

John Roth

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