Help With Hiring Python Developers

Miklós P jegenye2001 at
Wed Dec 1 19:25:41 CET 2004

"fuego" <fuego13 at> wrote in message
news:388e4edd.0411302107.79140dfb at
> My company ( has
> two job openings that we're having a heckuva time filling.  We've
> posted at Monster, Dice, and  Can
> anyone advise other job boards that might be helpful?  Also, feel free
> Thanks in advance!

Hm, you're looking for *Manhattan locals* who are required to have Perl
skills (i.e. magically working, hardly readable line noise :D ) but
optionally they may have Python skills, too (i.e. magically working, easily
readable pseudo code :D )

How about adding the additional requirement of COBOL and that the applicant
must live in a particular street? :-)


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