simple GUI question

Roose roose at boof.moof
Wed Dec 8 05:54:42 CET 2004

I have been writing only command line programs in python, and I need a way
to simply pop up a GUI dialog box, with an "OK" box.  Simple huh?

I have used tkMessageBox.showwarning.  This works OK but it also pops up an
empty frame -- i.e. it pops up 2 things.  Is there a way to disable this, or
is there an alternate way of doing things?  OK call me anal, but it bothers

Another thing I would *like* but is not strictly necessary would be to
change the font size and color of the text within the box.  Is there a good
way of doing that?  I have googled around but can't find any decent example
code for some reason.

I can use Python 2.3 only, and only stuff that is included in the standard
install.  For something so trivial I can't roll out a new version of Python
or any additional software.

So I assume Tkinter is pretty much my only option, or is that not the case?

Thanks for any help.


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