John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Tue Dec 28 02:30:29 CET 2004

M.E.Farmer wrote:
> I think he is using an GUI editor wxGlade or BOA.
> He has two problems he is trying to figure out  wxPython
> and he is trying to figure out his drag and drop editor.
> On top of that he seems to be having a design problem.
> I am gonna let him stew in it, it will be good for him ;)
> He will get more out of it.
> Ahh the joy of learning frameworks.(and GUI editors)
> M.E.Farmer

No, 4 problems:

"""wxpython.org's onlinedocs are down right now so bear with me""" =>
hasn't downloaded the off-line docs.

Typing in "wxlistbox" on the index tab of the win32 version of the
off-line docs (wx.chm) takes one straight to:

A listbox is used to select one or more of a list of strings.
i.e. Steve Holden's point, that wxListBox seems an unlikely choice.

I generally tend to agree with the "let him stew" but inevitably
someone will answer the question with a level of tedious detail
exceeded only by that of the manual for the Holy Grenade of Antioch,
instead of showing/telling the newbies how to find their own answers.

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