help using sockets, and OOP?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Dec 6 00:51:01 CET 2004

Dfenestr8 wrote:
> Basically, I'm trying to hack up an IRC bot, that joins two servers at
> once. I use two object instancs of the same class, both of which make
> connections using the socket module.
> Problem is, I can't seem to get both objects to connect to their
> constituent servers at the same time. I'm not sure whether it's that both
> objects can't instantiate at once, or whether only one can use the socket
> module at any one time.

What's the symptom of the problem?  I expect your answer
to include a traceback, but perhaps it's something else
like a segmentation fault or something you are observing
yourself...  whatever it is, providing a description of
it would be better than just saying you "can't seem to get"
it working...


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