Python IDE

LutherRevisited lutherrevisited at
Thu Dec 30 03:51:52 CET 2004

Just looking it appears you are trying to install SPE in Python24, which I
don't think will work.  Myself I'm still on Python23 because IDEs haven't
caught up yet.  I believe if you put Python23 in and install it there it will
work.  On another note you may want to get Boa-constructor instead.  Nothing is
wrong with SPE, I played around with it alot, but I think you will find the the
GUI building tools in BOA are much better than WxGlade with comes with SPE,
though there are some advantages to sizers and all that, it gives you tighter
control on what happens when you resize, yada, yada...  but you can do that in
Boa if you like.  Hope this helped.

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