Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Tue Dec 21 04:26:44 CET 2004

[Doug Holton]
> But I will not be intimidated by the likes of Fredrik Lundh.  Trollers
> will be held accountable.

Doug, Doug, Doug.  Fredrik isn't a troll.  He's a Swede.  Trolls are Norwegian.

Lighten up, please.  Fredrik is usually terse, and sometimes curt
(although Americans seem to have a hard time distinguishing those) --
that's his culture and his nature.  But he's been a very active and
welcome member of the Python community for at least a decade "in spite
of" that, and you're the first person I've seen to go on repeatedly
about their dislike for his posting style.

Try to read him as actually saying something, and you'll rarely be
disappointed.  If you just can't stand the way he expresses himself
anyway, fine, ignore him.  He really isn't "a troll" by any sensible
meaning of the term.  He says what's on his mind, and then shuts up. 
It's a fact that he's been extremely helpful to countless people here
over the years, but if you're looking for touchy-feely welcome or
appreciation, don't look to /F for it.  That's my job here <wink>.

    y'rs  - tim

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