BASIC vs Python

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Dec 17 15:25:38 CET 2004

Gregor Horvath wrote:

> It's me wrote:
>> Absolutely *ugly*!
>> But still, your point is well taken.  Thank you for pointing this out.
>> Adam was right:
>> "Don't do it, unless your goal is simply to embarrass and insult
>> programmers".
> OK. Then please schow me, how you can create a complex form with grids, 
> explorer like trees etc. in 2 minutes in standard python.
> Or make any given standard python object accessible from MS Excel in 2 
> minutes.
If only one could. That would be a system worth using.

For what it's worth, the estimable "Win32 Programming in Python" by 
Hammond anf Robinson does spend quite a lot of space explaiing how to 
build Python functionality with VB-style front-ends.

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