Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

Dave Cook davecook at
Tue Dec 21 20:51:19 CET 2004

On 2004-12-20, Bulba! <bulba at> wrote:

> I'll soon start development of a specialized small app and need 
> to choose GUI for it. 

I've had success with pygtk on win32 and Linux (and OS X with the X11
server installed.) (for the C devel and runtime

The pygtk manual, tutorial, and FAQ are all very good.  You don't have to
wade through C or C++ documentation.

The only complaints I have are that the glade GUI builder hasn't caught up
with gtk development (particularly the new UIManager), and that the list
widget is relatively slow.

Lately I've been evaluating jython and Swing, though.

Dave Cook

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