lies about OOP

Timo Virkkala a at a.invalid
Tue Dec 14 09:01:21 CET 2004

projecktzero wrote:
> A co-worker considers himself "old school" in that he hasn't seen the
> light of OOP.(It might be because he's in love with Perl...but that's
> another story.) He thinks that OOP has more overhead and is slower than
> programs written the procedural way. I poked around google, but I don't
> know the magic words to put in to prove or disprove his assertion. Can
> anyone point me toward some resources?

Sounds like your co-worker has a major case of premature optimization. I don't 
know about speed issues with OO, but for large projects, using OOP makes data 
encapsulation so much easier. Writing correct code with minimum effort should be 
the first goal, speed issues (at that level) should be brought into the game 
later on.

You should ask your co-worker if he also puts all his data in global variables :)


Timo Virkkala

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