thread/queue bug

phil phillip.watts at
Fri Dec 10 21:53:54 CET 2004

 >Wow, amazing!  Imagine that... asking for elaboration when
 >someone posts unclear confusing questions and extraneous
 >information.  The noive!

I would be happy to elaborate. No one asked to me to elaborate.
I was simply told I didn't give enough information.
I wasn't given an idea of what additional information
was needed or some clue as to how to better phrase my question.

 >I also find it remarkable that so many different people are
 >all doing the same thing to you.  It must be a conspiracy.
 >Certainly not a problem with, say, you...

I didn't say so many people are doing the same thing to me.
Some language support groups make me feel like I am asking
stupid questions in a stupid way, not all.  And the Linux
and FreeBSD support groups never do.  In fact it seems
on those groups the more newbie and inadequate your questions
are the more patience and help you get.
I've never before on any group seen anyone told they
had a mental block, because they were fishing for info.

I have a genuine problem here, which I have no clue how to approach,
and I am very sorry I started a flame over protocol.
THAT has certainly never happened to me before. signing off.

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