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Alfred Canoy alred at guam.net
Sun Dec 5 06:07:53 CET 2004


 I'm just new to programming and would like to ask for help..

Build a module that contains three functions that do the following:

      a.. Compute the average of a list of numbers
      b.. Finds the statistical median value of a list of numbers
      c.. Finds the mode of a list of numbers

Can you please give me clue how I should start solving the following problem
below? Here's the source code that I did so far:

# compute the average of a list of numbers:
# Keeps asking for numbers until 0 is entered
# Prints the average value

count = 0
sum = 0
number = 1

print 'Enter 0 to exit the loop'
while number != 0:
    number = input ('Enter a number: ')
    count = count + 1
    sum = sum + number
count = count -1
print ' The average is:', sum/count

Greatly appreciates it!
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Alfred Canoy
Agana, Guam
Pacific time
alred at guam.net

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