Lambda going out of fashion

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Dec 23 14:27:28 CET 2004

Alex Martelli wrote:
> By the way, if that's very important to you, you might enjoy Mozart
> ( -- I'm looking at it and it does appear to
> go even further in this specific regard (rich support for multi -
> paradigm programming).  It's also blessed with a great book,
> <> -- I've just started
> browsing it, but it appears to be worthy of being called "SICP for the
> 21st century"...!-).  Just like SICP made it worthwhile to learn a
> little Scheme even if you'd never use it in production, so does CTMCP
> (acronym for this new book by Van Roy and Haridi) work for Oz, it
> appears to me.
.....very interesting, but it wants to make me install emacs. :(

> Alex

Robin Becker

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