Clarification of two concepts (or maybe one?)

Larry Bates lbates at
Sat Dec 11 15:47:51 CET 2004

What you are looking for are 2 apps:

1) Something to freeze your application into something
that resembles an installation like what comes on commercial
applications.  On Windows a popular choice is py2exe.  All
dependent .py, .pyd, etc. files can be included in the
distribution.  It also includes necessary python .dlls.

2) Something to create a distribution.  On Windows a
popular choice seems to be Inno Installer.  It creates
a single setup.exe file that can be distributed and is
very flexible.

Hope info helps.
Larry Bates
Syscon, Inc.

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Eddie Parker wrote:
>>What I’m looking for, is a way to turn a python ‘application’, into a
>>‘stand-alone’ application. i.e., you don’t need the Python interpreter,
>>libraries, etc, installed on your hard drive. (I’m OK with .py files
>>existing – I just don’t want to have to bother the user to install more then
>>just my app).
> you cannot run Python without a Python interpreter -- but you can ship the
> interpreter DLL and the necessary library components with your app, and
> you can use bundling tools to reduce the number of files to a minimum:
> </F> 

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