Language fluency (was Re: BASIC vs Python)

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>I'd like to ask everybody a simple question.  How many computer
>languages are you completely and utterly fluent in?  The reason I ask is
>I'd like for everyone who has participated in this discussion to
>introspect and ask themselves why they hold the views they do. 
>Does your opinion come from a deep understanding of computer languages
>as a whole, or is it a reflection of the small list of languages you
>happen to know?

Are you referring to current fluency or languages that one has formerly
been fluent in?  Also, I think that "complete and utter" fluency is a
poor target.  I think I'm an expert on Python (and I think other people
would agree with that assessment ;-), but I certainly don't consider
myself to have "complete and utter" fluency.  In fact, in some ways my
fluency has degenerated now that I'm focusing on writing code for
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