Tkinter vs wxPython

Esmail Bonakdarian ebonakDUH at
Tue Dec 28 02:54:40 CET 2004

Greetings all.

I will have about 2 weeks to pursue some Python related activities and
would like to learn more about the graphical end of things. In that
vein I would like some opinions regarding Tkinter and wxPython.
(The previously recommended PyGame is appropriate for me for now, but
I am looking ahead)

I am especially interested in terms of learning curve, documentation,
portability across platforms Linux/Windows and anything else you care
to add. As I know only what I have read on this forum & surfing the
web I would really appreciate the input of those who have used both,
or decided to use one over the other.

Thanks a bunch,


ps: this is basically the same query as posted December 10 “Re: GUIs:
wxPython vs. Tkinter (and others)”

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