PHP vs. Python

huy nytimes at
Thu Dec 23 02:25:29 CET 2004

stephen.mayer at wrote:
> Anyone know which is faster?  I'm a PHP programmer but considering
> getting into Python ... did searches on Google but didn't turn much up
> on this.
> Thanks!
> Stephen

Is PHP too slow for your needs ? Is that the reason for changing ? If it 
is, then Python might not satisfy your need. If it isn't, have you 
thought about why you want to use Python ? If you have, are there 
greater benefits in total over PHP from what you understand of both PHP 
and PYthon.

Not sure where you are currently at with your evaluation of Python so if 
you could outline a few more points on your needs, wants, and 
expectations it would help when answering your questions about Python.


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