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Mark Devine markdevine at eircom.net
Thu Dec 16 16:49:32 CET 2004

I'm brand new to python and I was wondering if anybody knew of a easy way to change every character in a list into its lower case form. 

The list is like so:
commands = ['CLASS-MAP MATCH-ALL cmap1', 'MaTch Ip AnY', 'CLASS-map Match-Any cmap2', 'MaTch AnY', 'Policy-map policy1', 'Class cmap1', 'policy-Map policy2', 'Service-PoLicy policy1', 'claSS cmap2']

and what I want is:
commands = ['class-map match-all cmap1', 'match ip any', 'class-map match-any cmap2', 'match any', 'policy-map policy1', 'class cmap1', 'policy-map policy2', 'service-policy policy1', 'class cmap2']

Are there any defined method within any known modules to do this in one go?

Thanks in advance

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