why python is slower than java?

fuzzylollipop jarrodhroberson at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 22:01:47 CET 2004

yeah, but a lie unanswered by the truth becomes the truth.

you state opinon as fact and someone comes along reads your statement
that Python is so much slower and believes it is true because there is
no disententing voice to say, wait just a sec, this guy is clueless and
has no idea what he is talking about and here is why.

learn how to ask questions instead of stateing opinions as fact and you
might get a better response.

if you had said, is Python really as slow vs Java as these 3 year old
benchmarks seem to suggest, and then post what your own findings were
and that might prove DISCUSSION instead of posting in a Trolling sort
of way.

No matter how many times you say you are not trolling and continue to
post trolling style posts will make it true.

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