Adding paths to sys.path permanently, and another problem...

Amir Dekel adekel at
Fri Dec 17 00:35:19 CET 2004

Jeff Shannon wrote:
> Amir Dekel wrote:
>> 2. os.path.expanduser("~") always gives me "C:\\" instead of my 
>> homepath. I have tried to change my homepath in WinXP using set 
>> homepath(in command line), and alsaw using the "Environment Variables" 
>> in WinXP system properties, non helped. I really have to fix this 
>> somehow.
> Judging from this, I think that os.environ['USERPROFILE'] seems like it 
> may do what you want, though os.environ['APPDATA'] might be useful as 
> well.  Of course, if you're trying to get something to work 
> cross-platform, things may be more difficult -- but that's because 
> Windows doesn't normally use ~ so its use is not supported very well.  
> You may be able to create a $HOME that's equivalent to $USERPROFILE...

Yet another reason not to use Windows and all it's silly system... 
Unfotunely, I am stuck with a USB ADSL modem on a family computer, which 
led to terrible headaches with my (quiet successful, actually) attempts 
to install Linux.

Well, so be it...

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