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You could try the following:
regex = re.compile("[\$]\w+", re.IGNORECASE)

I've only done a bit of testing.  Maybe somebody has a better solution.



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Hello NG,

     I am quite new with Python... I'm writing an application that does
also some regexp things on strings, but I'm having problem about
identifying/extracting a substring from another string. What I have to do
is to extract all the strings that begins with a "$" character, but
excluding characters like "." (point) and "'" (single quote) and "\" "/"
(slashes). For example I have:

1) This Is An $EXAMPLE String
2) This Is An $EXAMPLE.String
3) 'This Is An $EXAMPLE'
4) This Is An \$EXAMPLE\String;

I would like to extract only the "keyword" $EXAMPLE and what I'm using at
the moment is:

import re

mystring = "This Is An \$EXAMPLE\String;"
regex = re.compile("[\$]+\S*",re.IGNORECASE)
keys = regex.findall(mystring)


Obviously this code returns things like $EXAMPLE', $EXAMPLE/, $EXAMPLE. and
so on...
Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you a lot.



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