Fun with Outlook and MAPI

Chris ch.list at
Mon Dec 13 20:23:48 CET 2004

> There is actually a workaround. You're using Simple MAPI which has a 
> nice easy interface. The confirmation dialogs are only for Simple MAPI. 
> Using Extended MAPI can work around the problem but its a lot more tricky.
> See the initial discussion here: 
> This code has now been included in pywin32 somehow but I can't remember 
> where and its late. Should also be a cookbook entry. Maybe Google can 
> help :-)

Okay, here's the results.  The good news is that the code sent the mail 
without any popup's.  The bad news is that the sent e-mail stays in the 
outbox instead of the sent folder.  Any suggestions?


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