debian python2.4

Nick Vargish nav+posts at
Thu Dec 2 18:14:20 CET 2004

km <km at> writes:

> is there a debian binary of python2.4 ? 

root# apt-get update
root# apt-cache search python2.4

idle-python2.4 - An IDE for Python (v2.4) using Tkinter
python2.4 - An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.4)
python2.4-dev - Header files and a static library for Python (v2.4)
python2.4-doc - Documentation for the high-level object-oriented language Python (v2.4)
python2.4-examples - Examples for the Python language (v2.4)
python2.4-gdbm - GNU dbm database support for Python (v2.4)
python2.4-tk - Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python (v2.4)

It sure looks like it's there.


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