Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

Doug Holton insert at
Tue Dec 21 00:58:27 CET 2004

Istvan Albert wrote:

> Doug Holton wrote:
>> the syntax of boo is indeed virtually identical to python.  
> All that boo does is borrows a few syntactical constructs
> from python. Calling it virtually identical
> is *very* misleading.

The syntax is indeed virtually identical to python.  You are yet another 
person who has trolled before.  See your obvious trolling reply here, 
for example:,a750c109b8ee57c3,cf89205a5e93051e,cfb1c7453e1f3c07,58a2dedd1059783e,8a1ee82cc328d023,7a51cdc9ffecbc72,38304f35cb42bb63,fc5e4ae1cbae0248,2de118caa7010b30?thread_id=5a7018d37b7bf4b8&mode=thread&noheader=1&q=boo#doc_a750c109b8ee57c3

Do you have financial conflict of interest too like Fredrik?  Or is it 
just a psychological issue?  I have no stake in python or any other 
language changing or not changing.  You guys need to accept change 
rather than fear it.

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