byte code generated under linux ==> bad magic number under windows

Aaron Bingham bingham at
Mon Dec 6 15:33:34 CET 2004

Philippe C. Martin wrote:

>I understand from my reading that a .pyc generated by python anywhere should 
>run anywhere else - is that true ?
>If I generate 'compile.all' a pyc with python 2.3.3 under Linux, I get a 'bad 
>magic number' trying to execute it under windows (2.4).
>What am I doing wrong ?
>are the pyc plateform dependant ? and if so must I generate one version for 
>each version of Linux, windows ...... ?
.pyc files are platform-independant but are incompatible between major 
Python versions.  You can not use a .pyc file generated with Python 2.3 
with Python 2.4 or vice versa.


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