staying alive

rosen georgiev dewie at
Sat Dec 25 00:20:29 CET 2004

well, hello
i'm trying to write a script that listens for HAL messages ( on D-BUS (
the problem i have is to keep the script alive. the way i do it now is with a call to gtk.main() after all the init is done - and it works perfectly. but i can't start the app if X isn't running or as another user.
so with what should i replace gtk.main()!?
i tryed (i agree it's pretty dum :)
while 1:
and it (surprice) does not work
i also tryed somethings with threads but with no luck.
in both cases the app is running but it does not reseive the messages - the handler functions do not get called

so, if anyone can help - please do :)

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