GUIs: wxPython vs. Tkinter (and others)

Paul Rubin http
Sat Dec 11 02:39:32 EST 2004

Mike Meyer <mwm at> writes:
> I've never tried doing animation in TkInter. Qt provides timer devices
> that you can use to drive animations. I suspect that doing the same in
> TkInter would be noticably more difficult.

Tkinter supports some kind of event that runs n millisecond (n is a
parameter) after you call the method.  You can use that to create a
timing loop.  That's more or less what you have to do anyway, if you
want to run your tkinter gui in a separate thread from the rest of
your application.  Tkinter isn't thread-safe, so you have to do
something like periodically check a queue from the tkinter thread.

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