BASIC vs Python

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Fri Dec 17 07:48:23 CET 2004

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> Don't do it, unless your goal is simply to embarrass and insult
> programmers.

I saw this code from an earlier post:

    lst1 = ["ab", "ac", "ba", "bb", "bc"]
    lst2 = ["ac", "ab", "bd", "cb", "bb"]
    dct1 = dict.fromkeys(lst1)
    print [x for x in lst1 if x not in dct1]
    print [x for x in lst1 if x in dct1]

It's simply remarkable for somebody to be able to do it so cleanly (and so
obviously) - "out of the box", if you may.

Sure, you can do it in Basic.  Ur...sure?  Yes, sure...

> Adam DePrince

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