Unicode entries on sys.path

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Fri Dec 24 14:29:40 CET 2004

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> >>>Hm, maybe more a windows question than a python question...
> >>
> >>The real question here is: why does Python not support arbitrary
> >>Unicode strings on sys.path? It could, in principle, atleast on
> >>Windows NT+ (and also on OSX). Patches are welcome.
> > 
> > 
> > Works for me on OSX 10.3.6, as it should: prior to using the sys.path 
> > entry, a unicode string is encoded with Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding. 
> For this conversion "mbcs" will be used on Windows machines, implying 
> that such conversions are made using the current system Ansi codepage.
> (As a matter of interest: What is this on OSX?).



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