Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at
Mon Dec 20 10:22:02 EST 2004

Steve and Steve N°2,

I agree with Steve N°1 that we are all entitled to express our
oppinions, and this is the way it should be.
I don't want to give the impression that I have something personal
against anyone here, and I agree that this list is quite civilized, but
again, I'm basing my comments in previous posts, not only this one.

For example, if someone says something like:

> And given that Boo is *not* virtually identical to Python*,
> pointing it out to a self-proclaimed newbie with a question
> about enums seems like nothing more than an ill-chosen
> moment to do a little proselytizing.

I get the impression that if the topic raised is not of interest of
this person, it shouldn't be mentioned in this list at all.
What about the others? I found this comment very interesting. I don't
like when someone else comes up and invites the poster to shut up.
Let's see another comment:

> Why not just start
> a thread about Boo and point it out to those of us who
> have never heard of it? That wouldn't raise any hackles...

By the way, Doug already started this topic, as suggested by Peter,
some time ago. And if you search this thread, you'll see how it
finished... he was invited to move the thread to another mailing list.

I remember also another occasion where I dared to say that Python is
slow, and all I got was an onrush of flames.
I wanted to discuss about pypy, starkiller, ironpython, and other
exciting ongoing projects... but it was imposible, everybody seemed to
be very offended and it was impossible to get the thread back on track.
This is what I call intolerance.
Usually, those people are always the same ones.

Anyway, I don't want to make a big deal of this. I just expressed my
If I offended someone, please accept my most sincere apologies.

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