Mutable objects which define __hash__ (was Re: Why are tuples immutable?)

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Wed Dec 22 19:24:56 CET 2004

Nick Coghlan wrote:

> I have a different suggestion: an identity dictionary.
> It ignores __hash__, __cmp__ and __eq__, and instead uses id() and is.

This might be useful in some special cases, though it's pretty easy to 
use a standard dict and explicitly use object ids as keys ( d[id(myobj)] 
= ... ). 

It is, however, obviously not a replacement for the current 
implementation of dicts in the general case.  Having keys, including 
sequence keys, which can compare by value is essential for the vast 
majority of (sane) dictionary use-cases.

To be honest, given how easy it is to key a current dict off of object 
id, I don't see much real value in creating a separate dict type that 
does it by default.  But as long as it's an addition, rather than a 
change to existing behavior, then the only real problem with it is the 
standard "makes the language bigger".

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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