Time for : comp.lang.python.newbies ??

gmduncan gmduncan at swiftdsl.com.au
Mon Dec 6 05:48:03 CET 2004

Am I correct in detecting a greater presence of Newbies in
this  "Pierian Spring" aka c.l.p. ??

Seems there's more than the usual bunch of pleas for help
esp. from the Newbie Windoze fraternity.

And it seems the Uber-Gurus (You Know Who You ARE) have retreated
a bit - most are in the NH so it can't be that they are holidaying
in the Bahamas, Greece, and Corfu and the like, in their winter
"of discontent" no doubt.

Maybe a time for a new discussion group along that suggested
by the Subject line ?

I've got nothing against Newbies - I was one once - but there
is a limit.

Or is their increasing presence here a price we must pay for their
belated recognition of this wonderful language ?

- Gary ( GURU-aspirant ;)

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