hidding the "console" window + system global shortcut keys

Gabriel Cosentino de Barros aut_gbarros at uolinc.com
Thu Dec 23 20:18:55 CET 2004

Hi, it's a broad topic because they all poped in my head at the same time
while writting the alpha version of a desktop-helper app.

The app must be the less obstrusive possible. some history: It's mainly for
win32. I started writting this to compensate the lack of posix tools and
pipes on win32.

in *NIX i could use wc, grep, sort, et al to deal with files(?). In windows,
i mainly depend on my text editor.
I strugle with no 'grep' or no 'cut' or no easy way to pass data between
programs other then copy paste or saving the file. The actual method of
saving, opening a w32 port of bash, and then doing the usual *NIX way is too
intrusive in windows because you have to leave you "ambient", do things, go
back to your previous "ambient".

So, the program was to sit in the taskbar or in the systray. and by some
mouse clicks or global key combinations transform the selected text or the
clipboard content with a easy-to-input posix like syntax mimic by python
functions. I haven't even scrateched the surface for all that. but for that
pre-alpha i *really* want to mainly do those things:
1. Give a painfull death to the "console window" i will need console output
only in debuging
2. Set global key biddings.

#1 is really superfulous, i know, but #2 is really driving me nuts. the key
bidings would be idealy in a multiplataform way, since i use* W32, Irix,
BeOS and OSX. in that order :) 

Thanks for any hints

* I also use Plan9 but it has then times more 'pipes' suport in the GUI then
any *NIX has in CLI hehe
and yep, no linux/bsdish desktop here. the CLI enviroment fulfill perfectly
my needs. X only gets in the way
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